If you want to learn about entrepreneurship and the law, join us at 4pm on April 28th!

I’m excited to announce that my topic, What Entrepreneurs Should Know About The Law, was selected as a presentation for WordCamp Kansas City 2017 .

You can buy tickets and learn all about WordCamp on their website.

The presentation:

If you are running a business, even if you are just moonlighting, you should consider how the law impacts what you do.

In our talk, we will cover the topics below:

  • Business Organizations
    • Including sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations
    • What it means to be a “S-Corp”
    • How to form and operate a LLC
  • Paying Taxes
    • Federal, State, and Local information
    • Estimated payments
    • Your tax obligations for employees and contractors
  • Intellectual Property
    • Including copyright, trademarks, and patent issues
  • Hiring People
    • The difference between employees and contractors
  • Contracts
    • What is a contract?
    • Oral contracts
    • Best practices
    • How to sign a contract
    • An intro to both client agreements and subcontractor agreements
  • Website Legal Terms
    • Terms of Use
    • Privacy Policies

Are you joining us?

If you plan on joining us, be sure to tweet at @CSBCounsel and @WordPressKC and include #WCKC.

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*This article is very general in nature and does not constitute legal advice.