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Why Your Website Needs a DMCA/Copyright Policy

If you operate a website, you should consider enacting a DMCA policy to limit your exposure to copyright infringement claims. In this post, we'll explain your risk and how you can protect your startup or small business. (You might also want to check out our two part series on terms of use and privacy policies - here [...]

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Kansas City Delegation Visits Capitol Hill to Advocate for Tech Education

Innovation is a key force behind a strong 21st century economy; and unless the United States prioritizes technology education, we will fall behind. Last week I was honored to represent Kansas City on Capitol Hill. Together with four other leaders from the KC Tech Council, I attended the annual CompTIA DC Fly-In Conference and met with six [...]

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Terms of Use & Privacy Policies – What Entrepreneurs Should Know (Part Two)

The legal policies that accompany your startup's website or mobile app are important. Last week we explained why you might need them, this week we'll explain what goes in them. Terms of Use As we explained last week, your Terms of Use are legal terms that your users accept and agree to when they [...]

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Client Spotlight: HipHire Launches App to Help Part-Time Job Seekers

Founded in Kansas City, HipHire's goal is to create high-quality matches between employers and part-time employees. It's kind of like match.com, but for employment. And it's brilliant. According to their founder, Brian Kearns, they've been in beta since 2015 and have successfully matched over 1,000 part-time jobs in Kansas City, which is a great lead [...]

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Terms of Use & Privacy Policies – What Entrepreneurs Should Know (Part One)

When you launch a website or app you are probably not thinking about legal issues, but you should. Depending on what your website or app does, you may need legal terms to protect you. In this post you'll learn the basics of Terms of Use and Privacy Policies and why you might need them. In [...]

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People Who Use Chrome or Firefox Are More Productive Than Their Peers

Research shows that people who use Chrome or Firefox are more productive - but it's not the browser that causes that effect; it's how they live their life. Adam Grant's book, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, contains a fascinating example of what makes some people more successful than others. While researching why some customer service agents stayed [...]

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What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Boilerplate Contract Provisions (Part Two)

This is the second post in a series about the innocent looking boilerplate provisions at the end of your contract that are more important than you might think. In the first post, we explained seven boilerplate provisions related to the interpretation of your contract and in this post we'll explore five common legal provisions that impact your rights if a [...]

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