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Let’s Work Together to Create Modern Regulations in Kansas City

For Kansas City to thrive in the future, we must be smart about regulating new technology platforms today. Among the many things I've learned serving on the Policy Committee of the KC Tech Council is that there are thousands of technology job openings in the region, yet not enough highly-skilled technology professionals to fill those jobs. [...]

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Startups for Net Neutrality – Sign the Letter!

ISPs should not be allowed to discriminate with respect to the content it transmits. That is the heart of what is known as Net Neutrality. I've written about this before (here and here) and others have written about it online.... a lot... Google it. The FCC put a legal framework in place in 2015 that [...]

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Kansas City Delegation Visits Capitol Hill to Advocate for Tech Education

Innovation is a key force behind a strong 21st century economy; and unless the United States prioritizes technology education, we will fall behind. Last week I was honored to represent Kansas City on Capitol Hill. Together with four other leaders from the KC Tech Council, I attended the annual CompTIA DC Fly-In Conference and met with six [...]

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Client Spotlight: HipHire Launches App to Help Part-Time Job Seekers

Founded in Kansas City, HipHire's goal is to create high-quality matches between employers and part-time employees. It's kind of like, but for employment. And it's brilliant. According to their founder, Brian Kearns, they've been in beta since 2015 and have successfully matched over 1,000 part-time jobs in Kansas City, which is a great lead [...]

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7 Tech Companies Helping Kansas City – KC IPP Demo Day

I attended the Kansas City Innovation Partnership Demo Day tonight at the Sprint Accelerator to learn about seven tech startups in the city's Innovation Partnership program that are using technology to help the city operate more efficiently and better serve its citizens. You can learn more about the program and the partners on the IPP website. Like [...]

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Lawyers Changing the World: Legal Technology Laboratory (LTL) Prototype Jam

I was lucky to attend the Legal Technology Laboratory (LTL) Prototype Jam today at the UMKC School of Law and the Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to hear about various projects in the legal tech space. The people (lawyers, developers, entrepreneurs, and more) behind these projects are doing great things and will no doubt change [...]

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Tesla Sues Michigan (and I hope they win)

States like Missouri and Michigan that ban Tesla’s direct-to-consumer sales model should be ashamed of their anti-innovation policies. My wife and I bought a new car last week. We love the car itself (thanks Volkswagen) but holy cow the buying process was a complete disaster. The dealers used shady practices, offered confusing “special deals,” sold [...]

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Chris Brown Joins KCnext Board of Advisors

I'm excited to announce that I'm now a member of the Board of Advisors to KCnext. KCnext is a non-profit organization that seeks to elevate Kansas City as a leading technology hub by focusing on three main initiatives: (1) increasing the technology workforce in Kansas City; (2) supporting tech-friendly regulation at the local and national level; and [...]

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