Let’s Work Together to Create Modern Regulations in Kansas City

For Kansas City to thrive in the future, we must be smart about regulating new technology platforms today. Among the many things I've learned serving on the Policy Committee of the KC Tech Council is that there are thousands of technology job openings in the region, yet not enough highly-skilled technology professionals to fill those jobs. [...]

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Startups for Net Neutrality – Sign the Letter!

ISPs should not be allowed to discriminate with respect to the content it transmits. That is the heart of what is known as Net Neutrality. I've written about this before (here and here) and others have written about it online.... a lot... Google it. The FCC put a legal framework in place in 2015 that [...]

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Kansas City Delegation Visits Capitol Hill to Advocate for Tech Education

Innovation is a key force behind a strong 21st century economy; and unless the United States prioritizes technology education, we will fall behind. Last week I was honored to represent Kansas City on Capitol Hill. Together with four other leaders from the KC Tech Council, I attended the annual CompTIA DC Fly-In Conference and met with six [...]

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Missouri Closed Tesla… You Should Help Bring it Back!

Update:The Court of Appeals issued a ruling allowing Tesla to obtain a new license for 2017 while the company appeals the lower court's ruling. This is a positive step forward but due to the language in the current law I think there is a good chance Tesla will lose on appeal. Consequently, updating our dealer laws is still [...]

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Kansas City Should Adopt Regulation 2.0

I recently wrote a post for Startland News about Regulation 2.0 and why Kansas City should adopt it when it comes to regulating new companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and other similar platforms. In short - local, state, and federal governments enacted regulatory systems decades ago that were designed for the businesses operating at that [...]

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One Step Closer to Title II Regulation for ISPs

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler released a proposal this week regarding regulating Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as common carriers under Title II of the Federal Communications Act. This is good news for proponents of Net Neutrality and it also makes sense. I wrote about this topic back in May (see this post) and included links to a bunch [...]

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Why the ABC v. Aereo Case Really Matters

When society encounters new technologies the then-current intellectual property laws often don't provide clear answers to the new problems presented by the new technologies. That is the problem in the ABC v. Aereo case. Today both sides argued their points to the Supreme Court and the decision from the court might have much broader implications than just [...]

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An Idea to Stop Patent Trolls

I had breakfast this morning with a fellow IP attorney and we discussed patent trolls. During the conversation I came up with a potential fix for our messy troll situation (I'm probably not the first person to think of this and I plan to research it further). Trademarks may only be protected if the mark [...]

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