How to Negotiate a Contract

"Everything is negotiable." Ok, well not everything, but many things are. Here are nine tips to help you negotiate your next contract. To begin, you should note that if a contract contains errors, or simply doesn’t meet your expectations, you should raise your concerns and negotiate new or modified terms that are mutually acceptable. [...]

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How to Review a Contract

Many entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to reviewing contracts. Here's a two step process to make it a little easier for you. At the outset, you should look at things from a high level. Then, dive deep into the nitty gritty. [Learn More: How to Negotiate a Contract] High Level Review At a high [...]

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Trade Secrets 101 – What Entrepreneurs Should Know

Protecting your trade secrets is becoming more and more important for startups and small businesses. Here's what you should know. Unlike the other forms of IP, which are primarily protected through federal laws, trade secrets are primarily protected through state laws. That means every state maintains their own trade secret statutes. However, most of them [...]

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Patents 101 – What Entrepreneurs Should Know

If you've invented something new and useful, you should consider seeking patent protection for your new invention. Startups and small businesses are always inventing things. And in certain situations, it makes sense to seek a patent on your invention to prevent others from using it. (Learn more about Intellectual Property: Copyrights 101  |  Trademarks 101  [...]

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Trademarks 101 – What Entrepreneurs Should Know

Startups and small businesses should take trademark law seriously! You must protect what's yours and avoid infringing the trademarks of others. Whether in Kansas City or on the coasts, it is critical that startups and small businesses understand and comply with trademark law. In this post we'll walk you through the basics of what you [...]

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Let’s Work Together to Create Modern Regulations in Kansas City

For Kansas City to thrive in the future, we must be smart about regulating new technology platforms today. Among the many things I've learned serving on the Policy Committee of the KC Tech Council is that there are thousands of technology job openings in the region, yet not enough highly-skilled technology professionals to fill those jobs. [...]

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Copyrights 101 – What Entrepreneurs Should Know

Copyright law is confusing, even for many business attorneys. But you can't ignore it. It's too important. Regardless if you are a high-growth startup, a freelancer, or a small business in Kansas City, you need to take copyright law seriously. More specifically, you need to make sure you own the copyright in your works and that [...]

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