Startups for Net Neutrality – Sign the Letter!

ISPs should not be allowed to discriminate with respect to the content it transmits. That is the heart of what is known as Net Neutrality. I've written about this before (here and here) and others have written about it online.... a lot... Google it. The FCC put a legal framework in place in 2015 that [...]

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Three Critical Issues in Intellectual Property Contract Terms

Ownership of intellectual property is a critical issue in many contract negotiations. Learn the basics about what entrepreneurs should know in this post. Intellectual property is often the most valuable asset of many companies, especially startups. That's why it is important to clearly address ownership of intellectual property in your contracts with third parties. [...]

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Why Your Website Needs a DMCA/Copyright Policy

If you operate a website, you should consider enacting a DMCA policy to limit your exposure to copyright infringement claims. In this post, we'll explain your risk and how you can protect your startup or small business. (You might also want to check out our two part series on terms of use and privacy policies - here [...]

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