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We help clients review and negotiate contracts all the time. A review of a well-drafted and short contract usually starts around $200-$400.

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When hiring independent contractors, you can request a custom-drafted contractor agreement template from us. Pricing is usually $500.

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Three Critical Issues in Intellectual Property Contract Terms

Ownership of intellectual property is a critical issue in many contract negotiations. Learn the basics about what entrepreneurs should know in this post. Intellectual property is often the most valuable asset of many companies, especially startups. That's why it is important to clearly address ownership of intellectual property in [...]

The Right Way to Use MSAs & SOWs

When working with a client or a contractor, it is often best to use an MSA/SOW contract format. In this post we'll explain why and how to do it. Lots of our Kansas City based startups, freelancers, and small business clients use MSAs and SOWs because they are really [...]

The Four Tax Options for Startups, Freelancers, & Small Businesses

When you start a new business the IRS will put you into one of four tax classes. Do you know the differences? While you don't need to be an expert, you should understand the differences in these tax classes to make sure you are compliant with tax laws. Sometimes you must stick [...]

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