Founded in Kansas City, HipHire’s goal is to create high-quality matches between employers and part-time employees.

It’s kind of like, but for employment. And it’s brilliant.

According to their founder, Brian Kearns, they’ve been in beta since 2015 and have successfully matched over 1,000 part-time jobs in Kansas City, which is a great lead up to their official Android launch a couple days ago.

Venture Legal is excited to help the startup on their entrepreneurial journey and we’re sharing some information about their service below.

How HipHire Works

Both employers and job seekers create profiles on the HipHire app. Employers describe their job openings and ideal candidates and job seekers describe their skill sets and ideal employer. HipHire’s proprietary algorithm then scans the job postings and job seekers and finds the best matches to share with both the employer and the candidates.

From there, HipHire facilitates communications between the parties to help them meet and potentially fill the job opening.

What Makes HipHire Unique

For starters, HipHire is solely focused on part-time employment right now. According to Kearns, one side effect of the Great Recession in 2008 was an increase in the number of part-time jobs rather than full-time jobs. That’s part of the reason he created this part-time job platform.

Perhaps more relevant, HipHire’s proprietary algorithms are perfect for helping employers and job seekers find each other. Rather than blindly searching job boards on the internet or driving around town, employers and job seekers can rely on HipHire to make high-quality matches in no time.

Want to Learn More?

Head over to and download the HipHire App on the Google Play Store.

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