If you want to learn about entrepreneurship and the law, join us at 3pm on April 28th!

[EDIT: My talk was moved to 3pm.]

I’m excited to announce that my topic, What Entrepreneurs Should Know About The Law, was selected as a presentation for WordCamp Kansas City 2017 .

You can buy tickets and learn all about WordCamp on their website.

The presentation:

If you are running a business, even if you are just moonlighting, you should consider how the law impacts what you do.

In our talk, we will cover the topics below:

  • Business Organizations
    • Including sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations
    • What it means to be a “S-Corp”
    • How to form and operate a LLC
  • Paying Taxes
    • Federal, State, and Local information
    • Estimated payments
    • Your tax obligations for employees and contractors
  • Intellectual Property
    • Including copyright, trademarks, and patent issues
  • Hiring People
    • The difference between employees and contractors
  • Contracts
    • What is a contract?
    • Oral contracts
    • Best practices
    • How to sign a contract
    • An intro to both client agreements and subcontractor agreements
  • Website Legal Terms
    • Terms of Use
    • Privacy Policies

Are you joining us?

If you plan on joining us, be sure to tweet at @CSBCounsel and @WordPressKC and include #WCKC.

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*This article is very general in nature and does not constitute legal advice.