ISPs should not be allowed to discriminate with respect to the content it transmits.

That is the heart of what is known as Net Neutrality. I’ve written about this before (here and here) and others have written about it online…. a lot… Google it.

The FCC put a legal framework in place in 2015 that aligned with the principle above and prohibited content discrimination (you can read the regulations here).

Unfortunately, the current FCC Chairman is attempting to roll back that framework and our current Congress will likely follow along. Doing so will harm consumer choice, reduce the ability to start new businesses, and will result in substantial economic harm to our country.

If you want to support Net Neutrality, then sign this letter drafted by Engine Advocacy, Y Combinator, and Techstars. They will send it to the FCC on behalf of the technology and startup community in favor of Net Neutrality.

Image: Adobe/Inok

*This article is very general in nature and does not constitute legal advice.