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The Guise of “Professionalism”

It's easy for competitors to copy your skills, but hard for them to copy your authentic personality. Paul Jarvis dedicates an entire chapter of his book (Company of One) to personality. He writes... Personality – the authentic you that traditional business has taught you to suppress under the guise of 'professionalism' – can be [...]

Join the KC Tech Community at the American Royal BBQ!

You're Invited! Together with our co-hosts, we invite you to our annual tech community party at the American Royal BBQ on Friday, September 13th. This year's event will feature Golden Ox BBQ, an open bar, a live band, plus private access inside our space to the Virgin Hyperloop One XP-1 demo vehicle before it’s unveiled [...]

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Why You Should Use e-Signatures

e-Signatures are better than physical signatures in most situations. Here's what you should know. Most e-signatures are valid The ESIGN Act (the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act) was signed into law in 2000. Moreover, most states have adopted some from of the UETA (the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act). In general, these [...]