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Lawyers Changing the World: Legal Technology Laboratory (LTL) Prototype Jam

I was lucky to attend the Legal Technology Laboratory (LTL) Prototype Jam today at the UMKC School of Law and the Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to hear about various projects in the legal tech space. The people (lawyers, developers, entrepreneurs, and more) behind these projects are doing great things and will no doubt [...]

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If You’re Not Using Electronic Signatures, You’re Doing It Wrong!

Electronic signatures are valid in almost all situations. And if you want to make your business (or law firm) run as efficiently as possible, you should use them. In this post we’ll talk about about whether electronic signatures are legal, the benefits to using them, and how you can get started using them today. [...]

Horseback Law (by Google)

While reading How Google Works I came across a section talking about "Horseback Law." It is an awesome analysis of how lawyers can best represent fast-moving startups. In short, lawyers using old school practice methods won't be able to keep up with fast-moving startups because those practice methods simply can't keep up with the way most startups operate today. Rather, lawyers need [...]