“Simple” NDAs

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When one or both parties are sharing their confidential information, it is often wise to use a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect the information. Also see our “Formal” NDAs.

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Simple NDA (Unilateral)

Only binding on one party.


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Simple NDA (Mutual)

Binding on both parties.


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Simple NDA (Bundle)

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Template overview

You can use a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) when you or the other party (or both) are disclosing confidential information which you or they would like to remain confidential. Depending on the version you choose, one or both parties will be prohibited from using or disclosing the other party’s confidential information.

These NDAs are “simple” in that they are short (1.5 pages) and leave out some of the “formal” legalities such as what remedies are available to the parties and which state’s law governs the agreement. If you want a more formal NDA, consider one of our Formal NDAs.

What’s in this template

  • Party Identification
  • Effective Date
  • Agreement Term (length)
  • Nature of the Relationship
  • What is “Confidential”
  • What is not “Confidential”
  • Confidentiality Obligations
  • Permitted Disclosures
  • Trade Secret Protection
  • Return of Materials
  • And more

Three Versions

  • Unilateral: Use when you only want one party to be bound to the confidentiality obligations.
  • Mutual: Use when you want both parties to be bound to the confidentiality obligations.
  • Bundle: Get both the Unilateral Version and the Mutual Version.

Who can use these templates

  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Small Businesses

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